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Go Big Or Go Bigger - How To Buy Your Second, Third and Hundredth Rental Property!


Why Go Big?

When we bought our first rental property, we used every dollar we had to do it.  The experience of buying our first property was invaluable but it didn't financially change our life in a significant way and it certainly didn't make a dent in achieving the dream of financial freedom.

Many boot camps and real estate workshops are geared towards teaching an investor on how to buy their FIRST rental property.  But what about those investors who want to buy their second, third and hundredth rental property?  We created a curriculum that is focused on teaching investors on how to do just that... GO BIG!

The Go Big Team

Go Big co-hosts Matt McGuckin and Marty Grizzanti of Upstate Home Buyer have been buying rental properties and flipping houses for 8 years each.  Matt Drouin of OakGrove Development has been buying and developing residential and commercial real estate for over 15 years.  The Matts and Marty got started with one small property when they first started.  That one property's cash flow of $300 a month wasn't enough to help them earn financial freedom.  It was only after investing in their education, taking massive action, and aligning themselves with the right strategy and the right people that they were able to quit their jobs and focus full time on their passion for real estate.  At the Go Big boot camp, we want to teach you what we would have wished we had known when we first started.  Learn from our mistakes that cost us time, money and our own sanity!

What you'll learn at Go Big


  1. What type of property should I buy?  At this event, we will dive into the different real estate asset classes, go over the pros and cons of each to help uncover what you'll want your focus to be.  At a surface level, we will be reviewing Short Term Rentals (AirBNB), Apartments, Single Family, Commercial (office, retail, industrial), Mobile Home Parks, Student Rentals and self storage just to name a few.  You won't leave being an expert on any single one of these asset classes but you'll learn enough to know which asset class you might want to learn more about.
  2. How to find off market real estate opportunities.  Let's face it.  Regardless of market cycles, finding great opportunities is always going to be a challenge for the professional real estate investor.  Competition is always fierce for great opportunity.  Learn what marketing and business development strategies actually work; systemitize your deal flow so you have consistent and qualified leads so abundant that you won't have to "force fit" bad deals into good ones.
  3. How to fund opportunities with none of your own money.  When growing their portfolio, the real estate investor is always running out of money.  Eliminating this funding bottleneck is key to your growth.  At the Go Big bootcamp, you will learn tactics in creative financing, how to raise private money, and how to build relationships with the right banks so you'll never have to say "no" to a great deal.
  4. How to evaluate and analyze real estate opportunities.  If you don't know how to "run the numbers", you won't know what a great opportunity is, even if it smacked you in the face.  At the Go Big bootcamp, you will learn not only how to analyze deals, and how to present them to your lenders and investors confidently, but you will also learn how to find hidden value in real estate opportunities that no one else sees.
  5. How to manage real estate.  We've seen investors take great opportunities and squander them through bad management.    Learn how to budget renovation costs, how to manage contractors and vendors, how to screen tenants, and how to set up your management business or relationship with a property manager so that you are maximizing your investments while reducing your time in the day to day operations of property management.  This is key, because besides lack of money, the second biggest reason why investors don't grow their portfolio is because they are fearful as to how they will manage their assets.
  6. How to build a rock star real estate team.  If you truly want your real estate investment to be as passive as possible, you need a team.  Learn how to find rock star real estate agents, lenders, contractors, insurance agents, accountants, attorneys, etc.  Even if you don't have a ton of experience in real estate, you can leverage the decades of experience of others to reduce your learning curve dramatically.  The right team is essential.  At Go Big, you will learn not only how to build your team but also how to manage those relationships so that everyone is winning and growing!

What People Are Saying:

Out of the whole thing, I loved their candidness and transparency!

Demarre N.

This was great opportunity to learn about something I had never invested the time into learning and it's been an amazing experience!

Shannon J.

I know how to do small residential properties, but getting involved with buildings, they made it look much easier than I thought it was!

Jeremy H.