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If you are curious about what it takes to go big on your real estate deals, this show is for you!

On Go Big! Live, our host Matt Drouin interviews his esteemed guests on exactly HOW they did their first big real estate deal...

How they found the opportunity.

How they funded and raised the capital for it.

And how they brought it full circle, busted through the ceiling of whatever they thought was possible and scaled their monumental real estate dynasty!

Each episode is a masterclass on what is takes to scale from small real estate deals to the deals that most think are only for those in the big leagues!

Each new episode dropped every Thursday morning and is available at where ever you enjoy your podcasts! 

Financial Freedom by Age 33 with Matt Drouin

Matt Drouin had an “aha” moment when he decided he was simply not going to participate in the college/debt/job cycle. He started with a 4-unit house hack and ultimately hit financial independence by age 33. Matt talks about how reaching his financial goal didn’t give him the euphoria he thought it would, and how he reinvented himself using the 10x rule.

Agent Investor Podcast

In this episode with Tommy Cafarella, I discuss my background as a real estate agent who turned into a real estate investor!

Some of the key takeaways:

In an industry with thousands of agents, the ones who take on investing are few and far between, despite the perks and the clear path to wealth it offers.

Many agents overthink investing, but it’s really as simple as doing your first deal. Even if it’s not perfect, getting started right away is the right move. It’s the least expensive tuition you’ll pay for a tremendous outcome.


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Real Estate Power Play

Today on Real Estate Power Play we have guest Matt Drouin to discuss commercial real estate. How he grew his business. The challenges he faced. And the empire he is building.

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The Dwellynn Show

Host of the Financial Freedom Through Real Estate show, Ola Dantis interviews Matt on his journey to financial freedom and how he achieved that at 33 years old.

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Just Start Real Estate w Mike Simmons

From Bank Teller to Real Estate Success in Multifamily Using BRRRR Method.

Notable Quotes:

“My mistake was I thought that I needed to have experience or credibility in order to have permission from the universe to purchase larger properties.”

“I had 14 units back in 2016 and now I'm up to 120 units of residential and commercial properties. The way I scaled that portfolio was through utilizing the BRRRR method, but on larger, multi-million dollar properties.”

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